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“A Raid in the Name of Georgia” – a New Documentary Film of the Human Rights Center

“A Raid in the Name of Georgia” – a New Documentary Film of the Human Rights Center


On June 30, the Human Rights Center presented a new documentary film “A Raid in the Name of Georgia” in the Cinema House.

The new journalistic investigation of the TV-Studio of the Human Rights Center is about persecution of ethnic Ossetian citizens by Georgian authority.

Before the presentation, the executive director of the Human Rights Center Ucha Nanuashvili stated that they aim to inform the society about the violations connected with ethnic Ossetian citizens of Georgia.

He said they work on the second part of the film and many facts will be discussed in it.

“The topic is very painful, but we want to make these facts public and to start discussions. The problem cannot be resolved if we hide it,” said Nanuashvili.

The author of the film Giorgi Janelidze said the aim of the Human Rights Center is to start discussions on the tabooed topics.

The film lasts 40 minutes and it is in Georgian language with English subtitles. The representatives of the Georgian NGOs and journalists, as well as foreign guests from international organizations and European Union attended the presentation.

The film tells two stories. Giorgi Khetaguri was convicted for the purchase-possession of one pill of Subotex in October of 2006; he was put in prison for 3 years. In exchange of freedom the Georgian law enforcement officers offered him to start espionage in Tskhinvali in favor of Georgian authority. Khetaguri refused and his family and relatives did not know his location for 3 years.

The film also tells the story of Khatuna Charaeva who arrived in Tbilisi from Akhalgori district to sell walnut. Charaeva was accused in the transportation of fabricated 30 000 USD. The case was investigated under Griffith Secret and finally Georgian side exchanged Charaeva into Georgian hostages as a result of plea-agreement.

The journalistic investigation was supported by the European Union, Eurasian Partnership Foundation, Norwegian Helsinki Committee and foundation National Endowment for Democracy.

1 Jul. '10