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'There Is no Way to Peace; Peace Is the Way' - An Appeal to the Georgian Nation

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10 Dec. '09

Mari Otarashvili

   As a result of mediation of the Human Rights Commissionaire of CoE Thomas Hammarberg Ossetian detainees were released; the former detainees recall the hard time they had spent in Gori detention settings in their interviews with Tskhinvali media sources. According to them, Georgian police arbitrarily detained them. The imprisonment, because of poor conditions and cruel treatment, was so hard for them that they did not hope to survive not to speak about freedom.  


11 Nov. '09

Eka Kevanishvili

On November 9, 2009 Tbilisi City Court did not satisfy the request from Georgian Young Lawyers Association, newspaper “Resonance” and Conservative Party. They petitioned to lift the Griffith Secret from the Memorandum on the management of EngurHess between Government of Georgia and Inter-Rao Ues. The decision reinforced the doubt of suitors that there are some unacceptable conditions for Georgia in this memorandum. After the suitors appeal all courts in Georgia, the case will be sent to European Court.

19 Oct. '09

Geronti Khalichava, Zugdidi

On October 16Russian soldiers ruthlessly beat the teachers in the village of Tagiloni in Gali district.

George Baramia, the head of the legitimate government of Abkhazia, reported about this incident at the press-conference. According to him, Russian soldiers broke into the school and having found Georgian books there they beat teachers ruthlessly.

7 Oct. '09

By: Emrullah Uslu

In response to a question as to whether Ankara and Moscow have reached a deal to recognize Abkhazia and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov stated: “Russia will not enter a deal implying the recognition of Northern Cyprus in exchange for Turkish recognition of Abkhazia” (Zaman, October 4).

2 Oct. '09

Roman Apakidze

Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia with Heidi Tagliavini as a head published the report on September 30. In the report the government of Georgia is blamed for launching the war. The report also casts responsibilities over Russia and blames it for provoking the conflict, for usage of disproportionate force, ethnic cleansing and for breaching the ceasefire agreement.

24 Sep. '09

Geronti Kalichava, Zugdidi

Abkhazian and Russian soldiers control Georgian-Abkhazian administrative border in turn. People are not strictly controlled on the checkpoint on the Abkhazian side. However, various procedures are taken by ethnic Georgians from Gali district when they are travelling to Zugdidi.

24 Sep. '09

Irma Berishvili

For a long time I was planning to prepare this article but having read the final report of the Secretary General of the UN I decided to offer my letter to the readers in this way. I hope I will receive some results from it and then I will not have to publish this information in the mass media.

5 Mar. '09

Tsira Shelia

Georgian TV Companies have been reporting that Abkhazian separatists ruthlessly beat and wounded Irakli Bigvava and now he shelters in Zugdidi. Abkhazian side is demanding his transfer and is raiding ethnic Georgian population of Gai district unless he is not transferred to them. Furthermore, reportedly about 50 families were evicted from the village of Otobaia, Gali district. Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia were seriously worried about the incident and they made several statements as it usually happens.

12 Jan. '09

12.01.09 Medianews

Niko Orvelashvili, independent expert of economy, categorically opposes assignment of the Enguri Hydro Electro Station to Russian Company “Inter RAO” for ten years; based on the agreement the Russian company will acquire the right of the management of the hydro electro station. Memorandum signed between Georgia and this company on December 28, 2008 is idiotism and stupid action according to Orvelashvili’s assessment. News Agency “Medianews” interviewed Niko Orvelashvili regarding the issue.

7 Aug. '08

There is a question how attentive and respectful Georgian Society is towards the Abkhaz nation? Are we sincere in our statements when we claim that we want to live together with Abkhaz people, and even when we cannot understand each other? We need to go beyond of Abkhaz people being considered as guests from the North “who live on our holy land and that they should be grateful for existing here and breathing our air.” Many people detested when the Bible was translated into the Abkhazian language. Maybe, however, we should find out who was actually responsible for burning the Abkhazian State Archive and Scientific-Research Institute in Sokhumi to the ground in the early 90s. Let us come to terms and confess what we have done to save Abkhazian language and its rich culture. How much money we have spent in that direction? What have we done to really resolve the conflict? How can the fact be justified when in 2007 the budget of the Georgian Defense Ministry was 1, 494 billion GEL while the budget for the administration of the State Minister for Conflict Resolution (now Ministry of Reintegration) was just a mere 610 thousand GEL? What are we doing to maintain Abkhazia as Abkhazian and to develop the Abkhazian language?

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