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'There Is no Way to Peace; Peace Is the Way' - An Appeal to the Georgian Nation

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An Appeal to Abkhazian People


Today we live apart.


Our past is a tragic war which resulted into the separation of two nations. Time passes, but the pain remains and wounds are still aching. Questions have not been answered. The future is still unclear.


The future will not change if we do not reflect on the tragedy that happened; if we do not seek ways to come together.


For us, for one part of the Georgian society, it is clear that the problems cannot be solved without admitting our mistakes. This appeal comes directly from our hearts.


Sorry for not preventing the war.


Sorry for not having avoided the disaster.


Sorry for every word that inspired the war; for every bullet that was shot.


We are fully aware that there are always reasons for war to break out; both opposing sides had provokers and encouragers who supplied them with weapons to kill each other.

Some are more to blame than others - but everybody is guilty of the war.


The war already meant defeat.


Let us not classify people as “ours” and “theirs”; “enemies” or “allies”. We are not enemies. We have nothing to fight about. We wish to apology to the Abkhaz people because we failed to maintain the peace and started communicating using “the language of weapons”.


We want to hold out our hands to each other.


We believe that our cruel past should not divide us; just the opposite, it should bring our peoples together.


We should forgive each other for the war in order to avoid a second one.


Trust us, Abkhaz people, the Abkhaz language and culture are precious to us.


Our past, when we were together, is important to us.


We know that the friendship between Abkhaz and Georgian peoples is opposed by many and unfortunately, those opponents are present on both sides. But we can find the way to each other’s hearts.


Sorry for not appealing to you before and for not saying these words publicly.


Sorry for not preventing tragedy from happening.


Sorry, we did not or could not do more.


We pray for you;


We pray for the Abkhaz and Georgian peoples;


We pray for peace;


We pray for reconciliation.