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'There Is no Way to Peace; Peace Is the Way' - An Appeal to the Georgian Nation

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“Seaside of Sorrow” – Film about Pain of Abkhaz and Georgian Peoples
Ana Sheshaberidze

On February 19, the Human Rights Center presented documentary film of Niko Tsuladze “Seaside of Sorrow” in the small hall of Cinema House. 45-minutes long film is about tragic history of Abkhaz Muhajirs from 1860s to present day.

Materials from cinema-photo-phono archive of Georgia, documents from Petersburg and Istanbul state archives were used in the film and materials from Georgian National Museum.


Author of the film Niko Tsuladze said he used only 1 percent of those documents which the film-crew got hold of during two-years of working. He hopes to make several more films based on the remaining materials. 


The documentary made deep impression on the audience. After the presentation, audience discussed the importance of the film and stated it is necessary to show the film on national TV-Channels to various parts of society. They added that the more similar films are prepared, the better the world will see the real face of Russia.


The Human Rights Center intends to translate the film in Russian, Abkhaz and English languages and to organize several presentations of the film. The English version of the film will be presented to diplomatic corps and representatives of international organizations accredited in Georgia.


The film was presented within the “Sorry” Campaign which was launched by the Human Rights Center in March of 2007. The campaign aims to restore confidence between Georgian and Abkhaz peoples based on admitting our own mistakes and inter-forgiveness. The addressees of the Campaign are Georgian and Abkhaz civil society. The appeal to Abkhaz people expresses the wish to resolve the conflict peacefully.


Executive Director of the Human Rights Center Ucha Nanuashvili said the film “Seaside of Sorrow” is one of the resources to support the dialogue between Abkhaz and Georgian, Ossetian and Georgian peoples. “It will be a benefit for our future generation. Having seen the film, Georgian society will pay attention to the problems which existed in the 19th century,” said Ucha Nanuashvili.


Author of the film, Niko Tsuladze lived in Abkhazia for 10 years. He was eager to make the film about this problem. The aim of the film is to start dialogue with Abkhaz people.

22 Feb. '10