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'There Is no Way to Peace; Peace Is the Way' - An Appeal to the Georgian Nation

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19 May. '10

Tea Topuria

Several ethnic Ossetians have disappeared during recent years (Khatuna Charaeva, Lavrenti Kaziev, Ibragim Laliev, Vladimer Eloev). The relatives finally found the missing people in the Georgian detention settings. Later, the law enforcement officers released the detainees and transferred them to the Tskhinvali regime. After studying their cases, we doubt that Georgian side arbitrarily detained Ossetians on purpose in order to involve them in espionage or to exchange them into Georgian hostages. 

14 May. '10

By Christopher M. Matthews

Online magazine MAIN JUSTICE published scandalous article with the title “Superseding Indictment Clarifies Alleged FCPA Conspiracy”. The article is about the ongoing investigation in the USA on the corruptive facts discovered in the weapon-trafficking. MAIN JUSTICE reports that high-ranking officials of the Georgian government are also involved in this corruption. However, their names are not mentioned in the article. Humanrights.ge thinks it could be the main topic of the visit of the head of the US FBI in Georgia several days ago when he met the minister of the internal affairs of Georgia. Maybe, the detention of the former high-ranking official of the Defense Ministry of Georgia Gela Berdzenishvili is connected with this investigation as well. You can read the translation of the full article.

1 Apr. '10

Ia Antadze, Radio Liberty

“Darkness Around 
Means End of the Night” 
Kote Kubaneishvili

I know that everybody is fed up with the statements about the simulated reportage of the TV Company Imedi released on March 13. Only the word “simulated” remained in our memories from the reportage which is actively used in ordinary speech of Tbilisi dwellers. For example, “don’t you feel a bit simulated?”

31 Mar. '10

Mari Otarashvili

“If Khatuna Charaeva had really committed the crime, she would not have been released,” said conflict expert Paata Zakareishvili in his interview with the humanrights.ge. He added that the ethnic Ossetian woman was arbitrarily detained because of primitive and shameful Georgian politics.

31 Mar. '10

By Jeffrey K. Silverman, Human Rights Centre

The fallout of the war of August 2008 brings us up to speed with a much larger game that is being planned and played-out within the framework of today’s security reality. I've always suspected Georgia of having been, perhaps even before the final breakup of the USSR, a hub and transit point for most every illicit item one could imagine. It is about location and its topography - mountainous forests, the Black Sea – all make it perfect for such. Conflicted areas such as Georgia and other breakaways provide generous conditions for all kinds of illegal and shady activities.


23 Mar. '10


A Muslim diaspora is demanding the Sochi 2014 Olympics be canceled or moved unless Russia apologizes for the 19th century deaths of many of their ancestors in the location where the Winter Games will be held.


12 Mar. '10


Tako Khutsishvili

“Today, many people make slogans to restore territorial integrity. However, the main purpose is restoration human unity and relations. We do not need return of Abkhazia in square meters but first of all we should gain the trust of the people back. Unfortunately, politicians do not see the human factor at all. They just see politics and certain schemes,” said writer from Sokhumi Guram Odisharia in his interview with the humanrights.ge

2 Mar. '10

 Aleko Tskitishvili, Editor’s Opinion 

 Stand Up, Malkhaz, Abkhaz Has Come!”  

  Don’t Think I am joking! 
These stupid words are from the songs written for Georgian soldiers. To tell the truth, I have not listened to this song; my friend told me several years ago that our soldiers sing this song when marching. For a long time I thought it was a joke and could not believe it before I saw the quotation of Adolf Hitler in one of the advertising rolls on TV-Company “Sakartvelo” funded by the Defense Ministry of Georgia.

12 Feb. '10

Beso Kurtanidze, Liberal

After Israel side failed to persuade Arabs to accept the conditions of dividing the territory, the Foreign Minister of Israel Abba Eban said: “Arabs never miss opportunity to miss chance.” Initially, they offered 60 % of disputable land to Palestine people. Since Arabs considered “one stadium” of land was too much for Jewish, they did not agree – and rebelled, started war and in 1948 already independent Israel offered only 44 % of the territory to the defeated Palestine in accordance to the UN plan. The opposite side did not accept their offer either. Israel was recognized by Nauru. On the same year, Israel defeated coalition of Arab states and invaded 78 % of the territory. In 1967 after the “six-day war” they occupied 84 % of the entire territory.  Arabs had left only 16 % of the initially offered 60 %.

20 Jan. '10

Ia Antadze, Radio Liberty

When I learned at school, we had one subject on the time-table - “military lesson”.  I remember only entertainment from those lessons. Our teacher was former military servant who did not recognize girls. He taught boys how to fall gun into pieces and then compose again. Besides that, this process was always followed by laughing. The teacher, whose name and face I do not remember, was very serious person but we became unserious having seen the gun. In short, when I try to recall those lessons, I have vague but pleasant feeling because I see the smiling faces of the boys with arms.

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